Polite Jennifer Lopez Concert in Jakarta

Polite Jennifer Lopez Concert in Jakarta, Jennifer Lopez in concert in Indonesia promised to appear polite. He wanted to honor the culture of Indonesian society by not wearing pengumbar genitalia.
"They were cooperative, JLo clothing and some dancers will be specially designed according to the rules of courtesy in the country," said Project Manager Dyandra Entertainment Chairi Ibrahim told a news conference in Jakarta, Thursday (29/11) night.
JLo to employ designer special clothing from Lebanon to modify a costume that he will wear during a concert in Indonesia and Malaysia are the two Muslim-majority country is.
The management of Jennifer Lopez, he said, to understand exactly what the ban in the country. "They're willing to follow whatever we ask. They do and do not really understand this country (Indonesia)," said Chairi.
The concert will last for 1.5 hours non-stop with the concept stage laid out nicely, reinforced by a 88 person crew and 16 dancers.

Zac Efron Drop Condom On Red Carpet

Zac Efron Drop Condom On Red Carpet. A celebrity sometimes do have to face embarrassing moments in public, it is also to be experienced Zac Efron. Handsome young actor whose name soared through the movie High School Musical should bear the shame of their own because of carelessness.

Zac Efron reportedly attended the premiere of Dr. Suess The Lorax and walked the red carpet. As you can imagine, there are so many people including a photographer who seems to never stop taking photos of the celebrities in attendance.

During the session the red carpet, Zac had reached into his pants pocket, but when he met with a colleague, Zac immediately issued a hand to shake hands with him. But ... oops! a packet of condoms suddenly come out of his pocket and fell on the red carpet.

Zac Efron had to act quickly and hastily took the condom package that fell and put into his pocket. Even so, of course the event was recorded and made ​​Zac had to hold ashamed.

Want to know what kind of carelessness Zac Efron who dropped condom in public? Here comes the video.

Angelina Jolie Petite And Malnourished?

Angelina Jolie Petite And Malnourished? Angelina Jolie is known as one of the actresses sexy beautiful face and stature. But recently the appearance of Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Academy Awards red carpet yesterday a warm conversation.

Couple Brad Pitt look elegant black dress with a slit up the side skirt thigh. He often posed to show off one of his legs were out the parts of the skirt of her dress, looking sexy and seductive. But it's not just pose the spotlight, but also Angelina Jolie's emaciated body.

Dr.Drew who appeared on the show The View in one of American television to say that Angelina Jolie is too thin to deserve to be called malnutrition. He did not even assess Jolie sexy and apprehensive when appearing in such prestigious film awards.

"He was malnourished. We could not see the appearance of Angelina Jolie as the ideal of beauty, even though she might be a beautiful woman, "he said.

Not only Dr.Drew a bit surprised by the appearance of Angelina Jolie at the time. Bill O'Reilly who is a presenter FOX also was surprised to see Angelina Jolie's emaciated body, and even in some parts appear bones protruding.

Angelina Jolie apparently was fond of himself on a strict diet under the pretext to maintain her sexy body. What kind of diet Angelina Jolie? According to Grazia magazine that has been published a long time, Jolie only eat 600 calories a day, which is equivalent to 2 bowls of cereal plus milk. That makes worse, Angelina Jolie is also too busy with activities and forget to eat.

"Sometimes she skipped lunch or just eat a few almonds alone while he's traveling, or simply consume a protein shake rather than anything more substantial. Then dinner could just eat lean steak and a glass of red wine, "says a source.